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Get answers to your pressing questions about payments with CPayant

Go into you wallet in the CPayant app and link a bank account or external mobile money wallet to it. Load up your wallet and then send money to family, friends, associates, acquaintances etc. directly to their CPayant wallets, bank accounts, or external mobile money accounts/wallets like MTN momo, MPESA, Vodafone Cash etc.

It may not be possible to process a transfer in the following cases:


1.My transfer is being reviewed 

Your security is our priority. If we detect suspicious activity, your money transfer may be reviewed so that we can ensure that it was indeed you who made it. Occasionally we are asked to collect additional information in order to comply with legal requirements in respective jurisdictions. This may cause a delay in processing your transfer, but it is essential for your protection and for compliance with the law.

2. My transfer has been rejected 

Your transfer might be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Your application contains incomplete or incorrect information, either of the beneficiary or the sender
  • We detect suspicious activity and are unable to confirm whether it was you who made the transfer
  • The transfer does not comply with CPayant policies
  • A problem arises with legal compliance in the respective jurisdictions.

We offer several options for collecting money, depending on the destination country: in CPayant wallet, a bank account, or through a mobile wallet.

For the most parts, the beneficiary does not need an ID, especially if the payment is being made into their CPayant wallet, or personal bank accounts or external mobile money wallets.

In some cases however, the beneficiary might need to provide an ID at a bank or when dealing with an agent for some external mobile money wallets.

If your order has already been sent, you can only change it by reaching out to the customer experience team in the CPayant app or by email at ‘’.

If your beneficiary has already received the money or the order has been paid for, we are unable to change or cancel the transaction.

For payments made via the app, the customer should request a refund from the in-app live chat or via email at When CPayant receives the request with the relevant information, the refund is requested from the bank, that is payment is made to recipient’s bank. If the bank is able to retrieve the money and confirms such, the transaction will be cancelled in the system and a refund will be requested into the user wallet from whence the payment was initiated.

For payment to external mobile money wallet, a refund may be requested as long as the beneficiary has not spent the money and is willing to cooperate when we do a reach out. We will also advise you to proactively reach out to the beneficiary to prevent a situation where they end up spending the money.

Open a session on your account and go to recent orders. Click on “Cancel” next to the order you wish to cancel. Enter the details and click on “Send”.
We’ll do all we can to cancel your order. However, we cannot guarantee the cancellation until our local partner confirms that the money has not yet been paid to the beneficiary. If the transfer has been completed, we are unable to cancel the order.