Instant Intra-African Money Transfers with CPayant

In the world where fintech is evolving, businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and individuals are finding ways to navigate complex and lethargic payment landscapes, particularly for players on the African continent. Many are turning away from traditional banking models, challenging tech startups to redefine the financial system, and introducing mobile banking and digital wallets. Enter CPayant, a blockchain-powered Fintech that focuses on cross-border payments within the African continent, as well as less served payment corridors outside of the continent.


Despite the evolution of tech startups in Africa, many individuals and businesses encounter significant hurdles in cross-border payment within the continent. These startups prioritise inter-continental transactions or regional payments, leaving the gap for intra-African money transfers.

In Sothern Africa, we witness the tremendous growth of their financial infrastructure, focusing on facilitating remittance within the South. With the streamlined payment system and enhanced digital payment, sending and receiving money within Southern Africa is improving from what it used to be a few years ago. However, this development is yet to extend to other parts of the continent to catalyse trade across Africa.


At CPayant, we recognise the need to improve the continent’s financial infrastructure hence the services we provide; We place significant emphasis on fostering intra-African transactions.

We provide affordable financial solutions for individuals and businesses. Regardless of the transaction amount, our platform provides transfer services at a low cost to ensure users can receive and send money without being fleeced through high fees. In effect, the more you use CPayant for your transactions, the more money you save.

Furthermore, the majority of intra-Africa transactions today take days, or even weeks to get completed. With the CPayant app however, micro and business transactions get completed in seconds.

We believe that, for the continent to realise its economic potential and financial freedom, institutions will need to be innovative.


We are thrilled to announce that CPayant will officially activate its payments feature on the 23rd of May 2024. From this date, users will have full access to our app to receive and send money.

Initially, our service will be readily available to users to transact between Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. The selection of these countries is to strategically address the immediate needs while cementing the groundwork for future expansion.

We will gradually extend our reach to Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda, and others. This expansion aims to foster financial inclusion within the continent.  

At CPayant, we recognise the importance of international trade for African businesses. We, therefore, intend to make our service available in China to enable businesses that import from China to make direct payments to their Chinese suppliers easily with the CPayant app, thus eliminating the stress and hurdles of payments that banks usually pose to customers.    

Our priority is to foster inclusion across Africa and provide a user-friendly platform at a low fee.

Join us on the 23rd of May as we officially go live. Together, we can build the optimal payment services that Africa needs.